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Russian folk handicrafts-souvenirs gifts from Russia to buy-online store craftru

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Plant "KARO"

Products made of malachite have a special place at the souvenir market. Souvenirs made of precious mineral became an icon of style , a sign of success and prosperity. Of course, a most part of a such popularity they acquired due to Bazhov writer and his famous "Malachite Casket". This work is associated with many legends in the Urals.

The best period of malachite business came in the 17-18th centuries which is linked with the name of the famous Ural producer Demidov. Malachite products caused a sensation on the London exhibition in the 1856. Unfortunately, since that time no more color illustrations, and we can only speculate how beautiful and unique were the malachite articles, leafing through a catalog of the exhibition.

Processing of malachite keeps a lot of mysteries, subtleties. Products from a single piece of malachite are very rare, they can be counted on the fingers. These unique products are the pride of the stone production. So, in the museum of Nizhny Tagil can be seen malachite arch, in the manufacture of which the two major pieces of ornamental stone were used.

In the manufacturing of the most malachite products the mosaic technique is applied. Malachite columns of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg were reveted by the method of "Russian Mosaic". The stone is sawn into wafers, which are then cut and fitted to a drawing. Glued by the skilled hand of a master the plates merge into one pattern, and it is hardly to believe that this is not a solid piece of stone.

Plant "Karo" produces souvenirs of malachite: jewelry boxes, vases, desk sets, business card holders, and also carries out orders on the sketches of customer.

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