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Russian folk handicrafts-souvenirs gifts from Russia to buy-online store craftru

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Suzdal pottery

Pottery in Russia originated in the prehistoric era, and during the excavations, archaeologists still find a variety of pots, jugs, pans, pots and other handmade utensils. Later, with the appearance of the potter's wheel, the pottery began to be used widely.

The following basic properties and features of dishes from clay explain the secret to its popularity:

At this time pottery workshop arose with their "corporate" brands. Products of each workshop differ from each other in shape, size and baking technology. Pottery in those days was the most honorable and important craft, which was constantly developed and improved. However, later on other materials partly replaced pottery, such as tin, silver, and later plastic.

But the story is known to develop in a spiral, and in this age of nanotechnology people again began to feel an interest in pottery. Products of modern potters still cause delight and admiration, and the demand for hand-made pottery is constantly growing.

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